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Iron Brackets - for countertop support, shelving and more

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Iron brackets are used for so many different applications, many of them are used for counter top and shelving support. Other great places to install them are underneath cabinets, vanity tops, range hoods, porch overhangs, mailboxes, pergolas and even bookends. 


Iron Entry Gates

I usually drive around while my daughter takes a nap, this is my time to gather ideas, photos and inspiration for my own work. I've posted about iron entry gates before, but I had to share these two as well. You have two totally different styles of homes, but each of them accommodates the look and feel needed to pull off a gated entry. Not every home can incorporate this concept, but I thought these two turned out quite well.

Sculptural Mailbox

I've posted about wrought iron mailboxes before, but this design really caught my eye. It's not your average mailbox by any means and it definitely doesn't appeal to every homeowner, but I love it. It's a piece of art and a mailbox usually isn't refered to as art. It's nice to see someone step outside of the box every now and then and this is a good way to do it.