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Iron / Cedar Fence

Take a look at the fence I constructed a couple of years ago, it still looks good today. For anyone looking to build a unique fence to surround their property, this turned out just the way I wanted it to. I used 3" square steel posts, with 3"x3" angle iron for the top and bottom. I then inserted 1"x6" cedar pickets from the back and added 3 cross rails to hold them together. Once your panel is in place, you drill holes in on the top angle piece into your top 2"x4" cross piece on the inside. You then do the same on the bottom, put your bottom cross 2x4 at the very bottom of the pickets, touching the bottom angle iron, drill holes along the 2x4 into the steel and insert bolts to hold it in place. I secured the pickets to the cross boards with a trim nailer from the front side. Oh yeah, before you put your wood in place, be sure to paint all of the iron first. I went with a dark chocolate, then I coated the cedar pickets in a clear coat made for outdoor wood.


Design Through Inspiration

What inspires you to design, for me it's the older ironwork that you see on homes or buildings from many years back. You don't see work like you do from the past, it's become to costly and time consuming. True hand forged ironwork is where I find inspiration. I don't consider myself a true blacksmith, I can hand forge a little when needed, but it's considered a whole different craft. I like to think of myself as a decorative iron designer that uses whatever tools and techniques necessary to get the job done efficiently. I have an eye for what's popular and desired by my clients. I thrive on creating one of a kind works of art that you don't find in every home. Searching for inspiration is a constant journey and it's fun when you discover a new idea.