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Hand Forging Grape Vine

In my opinion, when it comes to fabrication, there is a huge difference in decorative iron grape vines. Above, you'll notice a set of fireplace doors that I've constructed using the grape vine theme. The customers house had grape vine everywhere and they wanted to keep the same look and feel throughout their new living room. I've completed the doors for the fireplace, but am now working on a set of wet bar doors to match. When finished, we'll be going with an old world brown color to go with their light fixtures in the room.

Are you thinking of having a piece designed, using the forged grape look? Below are some pointers on what to look for when talking with a local fabricator.
If you look close at the vine, you'll notice little lines that are crimped into the bar stock. That material is easily purchased through the ornamental iron supplier. Another important thing to notice is that each vine is tapered to a point, ending with a leaf, grape cluster etc... It's very important to taper the vine to a point, or it's just not realistic. This requires a lot of work on behalf of the fabricator, but it needs to be done. When it comes to the leaves and grape clusters, there are many choices out there through the ornamental suppliers, sit down with the fabricator and pick them out based on the size needed and design.

If you have any questions as to where this type of design would look good, give me a shout. I'll update the photos when the project is complete, stay tuned for the finished results.