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Pot Racks

What type of pot rack are you looking for, is it a hand forged wrought iron rack or is it a more contemporary look featuring chrome as the finish. Do you need a rack that has lighting or is it just for looks? As you can see in some of the images above, there are many different ways to display your cookware. There is also 50 different ways to install a pot rack, a person may decide to use chain, cable, rope or hooks. Either way, you need to make sure that you hit a stud. It's possible to install a pot rack without hitting a stud, but I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself, unless your pretty knowledgeable on installation hardware. If you don't have a stud where it's needed, then try getting up in the attic above where the rack will be installed. It shouldn't be too tough to add a cross brace in-between the two joists. Once again, you may need a handyman for this. After you decide what type of pot rack your looking for, it's time to locate and purchase. I recommend going through the Internet first, there are quite a few websites selling pot racks, but most of them are standard sizes. If you have an exceptionally large island that requires a large pot rack, then custom building one may be the route to take. If so, start with your local ornamental iron shops or find someone online like myself that you feel you can trust. Below, I've listed some resources for purchasing pot racks, good luck with your decision.


Industrial Inspired Coffee Table

What a cool industrial inspired coffee table from The casters make it practical for moving and cleaning, they even come with locks on the wheels.

Iron Address Sign

There are many different ways to make address plaques or signs, in this case the home owner wanted something hand forged and heavier in design. This sign would look great in the flower beds or out by the mailbox.


Copper accents for the home

Whether it be a window box, guttering or roofing material, copper has always stood the test of time. It's a material that weathers well and looks great when it does. There are many applications for copper, we've just shown some of them. Copper works great for mailboxes, table tops and kitchen counter tops. Most of the images above are shown in it's raw form, if you wish to give your copper a Verde green patina, it's a pretty easy process. You can add a muratic acid or what we in the metal industry call a gel like flux to water. Let me know if you need any help in this process, I can give a little advise if needed.


Hand Forged Canopy Bed

I love this canopy bed, if you look closely at the posts, you'll notice twist. This bed is made to be stout, by using higher side rails, you won't get the typical shaking affect like in most 4 post beds. This isn't the average bed you can get at the local furniture store. A custom bed like this will run you around $4500.


Iron Accents

This awning is a great idea, what a cool way to make your windows stand out. Not only do they stand out, the awnings provide a little shade. These accents were powder coated in a copper finish, which is the only way to go. I always recommend powder coating outdoor products if possible, it gives added protection against the elements.


Curtain Rod Brackets

These are just a few of the brackets I've designed for a new line of curtain rods and hardware. I'm not sure if I'm going to sell them via E-Commerce or not, I may just offer them locally. I've been doing curtain rods for along time, just recently I've decided to get organized and actually design a line of products along with a catalog, website etc... Stay tuned for more upcoming products that I'll be showing. It'll probably take a couple more months, I'm very annal about the design process. I'm focusing on products you don't see everyday, as is with everything I do.