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Iron Paint or Patina Finishes

A faux painted metal patina can be applied to any paintable surface or object. Plain wrought iron can be faux painted to look like pewter, rust, silver, copper, bronze, gold, aluminum, or platinum. Chemical antiquing patinas can be added to create a subtle, aged look. A natural verdigris patina is created when copper is exposed to the elements; it turns a chalky, grayish, colored green. When trying to copy the natural aging process for verdigris, below are the steps to take in order to achieve this look.

Verdigris Finish Steps:
First paint the base coat white, apply a second coat of gray, sponge or brush on the dark green, blending any obvious harsh marks with a stippling brush, while still wet, sponge on the darker turquoise mixture, blend, add the milky turquoise color with a brush to create highlights, and dust with rotten stone or spackle dust. To simulate a streaking, soak a sponge in water (water-based paint) or mineral spirits (oil-based) and dribble down the wet paint finish.

Creating a natural rust finish: It’s time consuming, but works.
If you’ve purchased an iron piece of furniture and would like for it to rust a little, here are the steps to take in order to accomplish the look.
1. Randomly sand areas of the iron, getting it down to the bare steel.
2. Set the piece outdoors if possible
3. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water, put a teaspoon of salt in, spray the area’s that need to rust on a regular basis.
4. It really helps if you live in a rainy area, leave it exposed enough to get wet by rain or sprinklers.

This process takes a little while; it will start to turn an orange color first. It will slowly start rusting into more of a dark brown. Your pretty much there by now, you can take it in and lightly rub it down with a dry rag, knocking the rough edges off. Then it’s time to seal it, I like to use a spray satin Rustoleum Polyurethane from the hardware store. It could use two light coats, letting each one dry for at least 24 hours. Then you’re ready to go.

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