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Wrought Iron Front Doors

These doors have really become popular in our part of the woods, I've actually had the opportunity to work with a local company as a contract designer for a while. I designed over 50 different styles including the ones you see here. I even installed one on my own house. They're great looking, safe, sturdy and very well built. I highly recommend using an iron door for the front of your home. There are over 50 different manufactures selling iron doors, if you live in a major metropolitan area, you'll probably have a supplier in town.
These are just a few:

Window Boxes

There aren't too many iron window boxes on the market, most of the ones you see are pretty cheep and flimsy. I've seen allot of custom designs such as these two, but am looking for a company to step up to the plate and manufacture a higher-end line.

Garage Door Hardware

This is a great way to enhance the look of your Garage Doors. Wrought iron hardware comes in all shapes and sizes. If your doors take up a large portion of the front of your home, then dress them up a little. Most people use "Dummy Hinges", they look real, but have no function other than looks. Here are some examples of great looking Garage Doors.


Hand Forged Mailboxes

A mailbox is usually the first thing you see when pulling up to a home. I've been designing these for years, it's a fun way to add curb-appeal. The design possibilities are endless, these pictures are of just a few.

Perfect For The Porch

I love these pieces by Aidan Gray, they are definitely one of my favorite manufacturers. These would great on the porch or in the garden.


Possibly The Coolest Conference Table I've Seen

This is one amazing peice and it's very well put together. I love the industrial feel. It's obviously heavy, so it was constructed in multiple sections. The raw steel finish highlights all of the welds and grinder marks, which is one of my favorite finishes.


Elegant Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens come in many different shapes and sizes, these peices ended up working perfect for the space. It's important when designing a piece such as this, that you keep children in mind. Designing the scrollwork in a tight pattern will keep kids from sticking their heads through. It's also important to make sure that the feet are substantial enough to keep the screen from falling forward, this piece ended up being pretty heavy. The finish has a black satin base coat with a copper glaze. Then it's coated with a polyurethane.